AWH- Sampling Valve


We make hygiene affordable. A claim that is now backed up by the enhanced AWH sampling valve. When it comes to determining taste, appearance, and microbiological and chemical values, taking accurate samples is paramount. Our EHEDG-certified sampling valve was specially designed for this purpose. An EHEDG inspection certificate further underlines how easy it is to clean, meaning your products will not be contaminated when used properly. The AWH sampling valve comes in three different versions with a variety of port types for a wide range of applications, whether in the weld-in, weld-on or screw-in version.


Technical Data
contact with product: 1.4404 (316L)
no contact with product: 1.4307 (304L)
Seal Sampling valve: PTFE bellow
ECO sampling valve: PTFE plug / EPDM O-Ring
Surface product-affected: Ra < 0,8 µm
Product pressure max. 10 bar / 145 psi
Product temperature max. 80°C / 176°F, SIP/CIP-capable up to max. 135°C / 266°F, unswitched
Product sampling connection and steam rinse connection (optional) DN8 (10 x 1 mm) pipe, other connection types available upon request
Product sampling ECO sampling valve: hose connection (AD 10 mm), inside diameter approx. 6.5 mm