RIEGER- Safety Valve


The RIEGER Safety valve Type SHprevents excessive pressure in steam and gaseous media in plant components and tanks. The set pressure is generally higher than the operating pressure of the system. 
Already at 10% overpressure valve opens with full stroke.

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as the biotechnology, like the cosmetics, food and beverage industry, are the ideal applications for the RIEGER safety valve.

operating variants
  • pneumatically liftable
  • liftable with lever
  • pneumatically liftable with additional lever

Technical Specification

Material product contact optional not product contact 1.4404/AISI316L
Seals  O-rings/gaskets EPDM
Temperatures maximum   EPDM
  operating temperature

sterilisation temperature

  130 °C*

150 °C* short-time (approx. 20 min)
Operating pressure closing pressure

control air pressure

max. 6 bar
min 6 bar -
max. 10 bar
Surfaces product contact

not product contact
Ra <= 0,8 µm
e-polished, other surfaces on request
Ra <=1,6 µm
Connections Standard- pipe classes DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)