RIEGER- Overflow Valve


RIEGER Overflow valves US open the set response and thus prevent unwanted pressures in pipelines .

They are available with weld ends and with dairy screwings or clamp ferrules.

One possible application is the protection of forced-feed pumpsperistaltic pumps.
The overflow valve US is suitable for all liquid media.

Overflow valves are no safety valves..


Technical Specification

Material product contact optional not product contact 1.4404/AISI316L
Seals  O-rings/gaskets EPDM
Temperatures maximum   EPDM
  operating temperature

sterilisation temperature

  130 °C*

150 °C* short-time (approx. 20 min)
Operating pressure closing pressure

control air pressure

max. 6 bar
min 6 bar -
max. 10 bar
Surfaces product contact

not product contact
Ra <= 0,8 µm
e-polished, other surfaces on request
Ra <=1,6 µm
Connections Standard- pipe classes DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)
O.D.-Tube (DIN 11866 C)