SUDMO- Safety Valve



Südmo safety valves are divided according their working mode into: 

  •  weight loaded safety valves
  •  spring loaded safety valves 

According to the media for which the valves are approved: 

  •  gases/steams 
  •  fluids


Overpressure protection 
In the event of gas venting being blocked or closed off, the maximum strength of the tank can be exceeded under various operating conditions such as filling, overfilling, fermentation, or chemical reactions, which can lead to an explosion. A spring-loaded safety valve, manufactured and verified in accordance with pressure equipment guidelines, is part of the fitting and protects against overpressure.  


Vacuum protection 
Draining, leaking, chemical reactions, content cooling, or vapor condensation can cause the tank pressure to drop below the minimum if the gas supply or ventilation is blocked or closed off, which can lead to implosion. A spring-loaded or weight-loaded vacuum valve is part of the fitting and protects against vacuum.