SUDMO- Butterfly Valve



  • Proven and robust technology
  • Manual or pneumatic actuator
  • Slide bearing between valve disc shaft and housing flange provides lower switching friction and optimum centering
  • Housing marked for easy identification of material, size and pressure rating
  • Various connection possibilities
  • Ideal valve controlling via Südmo IntelliTop 2.0 


Hygienic butterfly valves are cost effective (in comparison to other valve designs e.g. single seat valves), they are lighter in weight and often need less support due to the simple design.

Pentair Südmo’s hygienic butterfly valves can be used for isolating or regulating flow in hygienic processes. The closing mechanism has the form of a disk, the operation allows an easy shut off.

Pentair Südmo offers a variety of options that allow monitoring and control of the shutt-off valves through the control system, including our state-of-the-art IntelliTop 2.0 control unit.