3249- Aseptic Control Valve (Aseptic)


The Type 3249 aseptic angle control valve is designed for the strict sanitary requirements of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries such as FDA and EHEDG.  The valve body is designed without cavities, having a smooth, polished, satin, or mirror finish on internal and external surfaces, and the stem guide is sealed by a diaphragm.  A test connection enables the diaphragm to be monitored for leakages. This design can be cleaned and sterilized using the CIP or SIP methods.

The Type 3249 can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator also offered by the SAMSON group to complete the control valve construction. These control valves are designed according to the modular assembly principle, can be equipped with SAMSON GROUP actuators and valve accessories such as positioners, limit switches, and solenoid valves.


Size: 1/2" to 4"

ANSI Class: 150

Std. Materials: Forged Stainless Steel A182 F316

Temperature Range: 32 to 320oF (0 to 160oC)