Vortex Flowmeters


Vortex Flowmeters – Prowirl 

The best design for steam and gas applications


          Endress+Hauser Vortex flowmeters are used in numerous branches of industry to measure the volume flow of liquids, gases, and steam applications with working pressure up to 250 bar and a wide temperature range from -200 to 400°C.

Thanks to capacitive sensor design, the flowmeters ensure a long-term durability and stability without re-calibration and be able to withstand in harsh environments such as water hammer phenomenon or over speeding in the steam application.

          Prowirl 200 is the world’s first vortex meter with the option of monitoring the wet steam quality. Prowirl 200 can also be used for flow monitoring systems up to SIL2 and SIL3 and is independently evaluated and certified by the TÜV in accordance with IEC 61508.