AWH - Leakage Valve


The AWH leakage butterfly valve is designed to be used in applications where mixing of liquids must be precluded. Double sealing guarantees absolute operational reliability. Field experience shows that any two gaskets / seals or their seats will never fail at a time. This principle has been taken into account in designing the AWH leakage butterfly valve. 

As both butterfly valves are controlled by a single actuator, even though each butterfly valve blocks open area individually, it is definitely ensured that both fluids are physically isolated from each other. Positive mechanical linking is provided for all the individual valves, so both a reliable control performance and the greatest possible safety of function are guaranteed. 

Use of standardised components from our butterfly valve range permits great variability with respect to connections, gasket or sealing materials, and modifications. Moreover, it allows spare-parts stock keeping to be minimised, while ensuring that parts will be available at short notice. These valves come with the well-known stem bushings on the valve disk. The leakage valve con be operated by an actuator or manually.

Leakage Butterfly Valve with pneum. Auxiliary Valves 

The AWH leakage valve is used to securely separate media and comes standard with a leakage valve and a rinse valve, also referred to as an auxiliary valve. These auxiliary valves can be actuated separately or at the same time. Both valves are designed to be easy to clean and fully isolated when closed. Since the valve piston is virtually flush with the flow tube, this area cannot become soiled. The butterfly valve itself uses our tried and tested hygienic design. The actuator and auxiliary valves can be equipped with sensors to monitor the individual valve positions.

The “double-valve principle” offers the greatest safety when working with different media in the same system. The intermediate flange design makes installation easy during assembly and maintenance. The valve itself comes with our tried and tested AWH standard butterfl y valve seals for maximum compatibility with our standard spare parts. The auxiliary valves come with a 3/8" threaded male connection and can be integrated with ease into the appropriate pipeline system with an AWH weld-on union. A manual variant with mechanical positive auxiliary valve opening is also available from our standard range.

Technical Data
Material Contact with product: 316L (1.4404)
No contact with product: 304L (1.4307)
Seal Rings EPDM, FKM
Operating pressure max. 10 bar/ 145 psi
Surface Internal precision-turned up to Ra ≤ 0.8 μm,
others available upon request