AWH- Connection


AWH is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel components for the food and drinks industry, and offers pipe unions for virtually all established pipe standards for this industry.

Our pipe unions are available for hygienic and sterile processes, and suitable for TIG manual or orbital welding. The semi-finished products we use are sourced from Western European forges and have material certificates. AWH stainless steel pipe unions are manufactured exclusively in our headquarters in Hötensleben, Germany and are subject to a continuous quality control process, which allows us to ensure constant and consistently high quality.

If you have questions on our product range, the AWH team will be happy to provide you with help and advice.
Our product range includes:

  • union and union parts DIN 11851 / ISO / Inch / SMS / IDF / RJT / DS
  • hose fittings acc. to DIN 11854 and nozzles
  • bellows
  • clamp connection DIN 32676 und clamp connection parts
  • flange
  • male fittings
  • concentric and excentric reducers acc. to DIN 11852
  • aseptic-union DIN 11864-1
  • aseptic-flange connections DIN 11864-2
  • aseptic-clamp connections DIN 11864-3
  • hygienic-union DIN 11853-1
  • hygienic-flange connections DIN 11853-2
  • hygienic-clamp connections DIN 11853-3