AWH- Butterfly Valve


Butterfly valves have been a key system component in the hygiene industry for decades. They were developed, designed and manufactured for installation in pipelines for shutting off a flow of liquid. Suitable flow media include water, steam, petroleum, food, liquids in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and pasty media.

AWH butterfly valves represent maximum quality, reliability and hygiene. The butterfly valves are supplemented with a comprehensive range of accessories, and therefore offer the ideal solution for every application. In addition to a range of manual operations, the valves can easily be equipped with pneumatic or electric drives. A wide range of initiators and control heads are available to monitor performance. A clear advantage of AWH butterfly valves are the bearing bushes which minimise the wear on the axle, making our valves very durable. Of course, we also provide you with all standard approvals and test certificates for the materials used, such as EHEDG, ATEX, APZ 3.1. to DIN EN 10204, FDA and EC regulation 1935/2004. 

The semi-finished products we use are sourced from Western European stainless steel forges and have material certificates. The butterfly valves are manufactured exclusively in our headquarters in Hötensleben. They are subject to a continuous quality control process, which allows us to guarantee constant and consistently high quality. If you have questions on our product range, the AWH team will be happy to provide you with help and advice.


Our butterfly valves are available with the following process connections: 

  • welding acc. to DIN EN 10357 / DIN 11866
  • welding in ZFA execution by DIN EN 10357
  • male acc. to DIN 11851 / DIN 11864
  • liner with nut acc. to DIN 11851
  • liner with nut acc. to DIN 11864
  • male acc. to IDF
  • male acc. to RJT
  • male acc. to SMS
  • clamp acc. to DIN 32676
  • flange connections for ISO
  • connections for inch
  • as a tank bottom valves

Types of butterfly valves:

  • manual operation, plastic or stainless steel, locking or infinitely adjustable
  • pneumatic actuators, left or right-turning
  • pneumatic actuator with 24 V DC or ASI control head
  • pneumatic actuator with position control (control valve)
  • with ATEX classification
  • T-shaped butterfly valves
  • with position indicator
  • with stroke Limit
Technical Data
Material AISI 304 / 304L (1.4301 / 1.4307)
AISI 316L (1.4404)
others on request
Size DN10 – DN200
1" - 4"
Seal Silicon / EPDM / FKM / HNBR
Surface fine turned inside up to Ra < 0,8 µm
others on request
Operating pressure DN10 - DN150 max. 10 bar / 145 psi
DN200 max. 6 bar / 87 psi