AWH- Ball Valve


The AWH ball valve for demanding, sensitive and viscous products. The ball valve was developed for demanding processes and sensitive media in cooperation with our customers. The fully floating ball is located between two seal rings. The AWH ball valve is constructed on a modular basis. The intermediate flange model is incredibly service friendly. The valves are all available with rinsing connections, with the exception of the heatable model. These ensure optimal cleaning of the inside of the valve. The ball valve can be integrated into the CIP circuit of the system.

AWH ball valves have a free flow cross section, which makes them very suitable for the application of particularly sensitive products and of course also for pigging. Thanks to the high accuracy of operation, damage or wear of the pig is prevented during transit, which results in very long operating times. The compact design makes AWH ball valves particularly suitable to avoid long stub lines in pipe elbows without dead spaces. An additional innovation in our product range is the heatable ball valve for applications that involve temperature-controlled media. These valves have an inner heating circuit system with two separate connections for the heat transfer medium. This results in a compact design that can be individually incorporated in a wide range of systems without taking up much space.

CIP Cleaning
The AWH ball valve is integrated into the automatic CIP circuit. The ball back room is efficiently purified by a sequential shift during the cleaning process. The model with integrated rinsing connections offers another option for cleaning. These connections allow cleaning and rinsing media to be completely drained out of the housing.

Good reasons

  • 100% opening cross section
  • no direction change, minimum flow loss
  • minimum dead spaces
  • pressure hammer resistant
  • piggable and reliable operation 
  • modular design 
  • secure seal seating
  • compact and service friendly


The ball valve can be ordered both with the AWH standard handle and with the maintenance-free rotary drive from the butterfly valve range. Changing from manual mode to automatic mode poses no problems at all. The brackets for M12 initiators are integrated into the retaining bracket for the rotary drive. Compatible switching cams are part of the accessories. For demanding media, we offer seals with a special geometry which guarantee reliable functioning under these special conditions. Here, we would also recommend using the valve with a heatable housing. Simply get in touch.

Options for connection

  • welding end
  • welding end with intermediate flange
  • threaded fitting acc. to DIN 11851
  • flange connection acc. to DIN 11853 / 11864
  • any many more

Optionally with

  • heatable housing
  • rinsing connections
  • pneum. actuator with control head (24 V or ASI-BUS)
Technical Data
Size acc. to DIN EN 10357, series A, DN40 - DN100
Material contact with product: 1.4404 (316L) / 1.4409 
no contact with product: 1.4307 (304L)
Ra < 0,8 µm
metall blanc/polished
Product pressure max. 10 bar / 145 psi
Product temperature max. 90°C / 194°F
Sterilization temperature temporarily max. 130°C / 266 °F (30 min)
design air opens/spring closes

Compressed air connection: 5 - 10 bar / 73 - 145 psi

design air opens/air closes

Compressed air connection: 3 - 7 bar / 44 - 102 psi